[ROM] Phoenix ROM Update 2

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who supported Phoenix ROM in 2015. Now in 2016, I bring you Update 2. I hope you like it, even though there are a lot of good ROMS out there too for the K3 Note.

This is an Android 5.1.1 ROM port for the Lenovo K3 Note. Phoenix ROM will always be as close to AOSP and as close to the base ROM as possible. You will not find any additional tweaks for this ROM because the ROM is stable and fast as it is.

Base ROM is the Jiayu S3 5.1.1 (RC2) ROM developed by superdragonpt and DerTeufel1980 of the XDA Forums and Jiayu.de forums.

Major changes on Phoenix ROM Update 2 (RC2) since Phoenix ROM Update 1 (RC1):
– Google entered the security fixes from November (Stagefright patches are updated)
– Better support for layers themes (application from the Play Store required)
– New Launcher with icon pack support (new icon packages are in Play Store, but after “icon pack” search)
– Backup & Restore application added
– “Frameworks” updated to Android 5.1.1 release 26
– Performance optimizations (only draw pictures / backgrounds, if there is a change, …)
– ZRAM kernel reactivated (which provides compressed memory available) *** additional hidden RAM
– “Documents” file has managerial skills received (copy, cut, paste)
– Some applications adapted to the material design
– optimized “scroll”
– Performance optimization of the “last used applications” overview
– Speed Dial for Phone application added (Sorry, no translations entered)
– More and faster exchange of (automatic) brightness
– And more
– Some UI Changes specifically Settings Icons and layout

Some Issues some users may want to know:
– FM Radio still force closes upon exit, and when choosing channel list.
– Still no double-tap to wake support. If you want this feature, install Xposed Framework and use a module for double-tap to wake.
– Still no LED Notification support. I asked around how to get it to work but there are no replies. There are workarounds out there like Light Flow App and others.

Important Note to Porters:
– Thank you to the creators of Androium 6 and HTC Sense V2 for acknowledging Phoenix ROM as your base ROM.
– If you want to make Phoenix ROM Update 2 as your base rom, you are free to do so just don’t forget to give credits.


If you like the work done by the developers, please do visit the links, thank them, and if you could, donate to them:
superdragonpt XDA profile:
DerTeufel1980 XDA profile:

superdragonpt Paypal link for donation:
DerTeufel1980 Paypal link for donation:

This ROM was ported by Miyer Bernabe. If this ROM worked for your Lenovo K3 Note and/or Lenovo A7000 Plus and like it, you may want to send him something too for his porting efforts:

Other Credits go to:

imageconstructor for his Phenix

Lowe Christian G. Beltran for the Phoenix ROM Logo

Some screenshots:

Screenshot_2015-12-30-10-40-38 Screenshot_2015-12-30-20-19-39 Screenshot_2015-12-30-20-22-40 Screenshot_2015-12-30-20-23-00 Screenshot_2015-12-31-10-12-29 Screenshot_2015-12-31-10-28-54 Screenshot_2015-12-31-10-36-00 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-08-29 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-08-38 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-08-50 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-08-56 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-09-01 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-11-34 Screenshot_2015-12-31-18-13-31

Download: HERE

*** Other notes:

— Xposed Framework is supported

[ROM] Phoenix ROM Update 2