Thank You

Thank you to everyone who used and like the Phoenix and Carbon ROMs.

Thank you also to those who donated to me, and to the original devs.

Thank You

[ROM FIX] Phoenix ROM FM Radio

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, my internet connection was cut because I failed to pay, right now I am just using a neighbor’s connection temporarily.

Here’s a patch that will bring back the original FM Radio app. It plays FM, scans channels, but still crashes when exiting. Until I can find a proper fix for the FM, this would do for now.


[ROM FIX] Phoenix ROM FM Radio

[ROM] Phoenix Basic

Phoenix Basic is an AOSP based Android 5.1 ROM. Base ROM is the Zopo 920 ROM, along with Carbon K3 Lite 2.5. Further enchancements are made to make it a bit lighter.

This has less features than Phoenix ROM. This is for those who want a good performing ROM without too much features.

Some changes since Carbon K3 Lite 2.5:
– Kernel from Vibe UI 3.0 1544 DEV
– Latest stagefright fixes (still waiting for the newest version from superdragonpt for the new exploit)
– Further trimmed down some components that aren’t used.
– Some minor changes

Credits go to superdragonpt of xda forums for the Stagefright fix, Samy Design for the Marshmallow Icon pack. And to others I forgot, please let me know.

This ROM was ported by Miyer Bernabe. If this ROM worked for your Lenovo K3 Note and like it, you may want to send him something too for his porting efforts:

Other Credits go to:

imageconstructor for his Phenix

Lowe Christian G. Beltran for the Phoenix ROM Logo

Screenshot_2015-11-03-08-24-01 Screenshot_2015-11-03-08-24-15

Download: CLICK HERE

[ROM] Phoenix Basic